What's in Your Corrugated Box | Part 3: The Many Styles

What's in Your Corrugated Box | Part 3: The Many Styles

While there may not have been many times that you paused to look at the box your package came in before you opened the flaps, there may have been times you had to pause and understand how the box actually opened. The reason? Not the complexity but the abrupt difference from the usual packaging. This is the difference that we will 'unbox' in this blog.

With this third installment to our series of What's In Your Corrugated Box, we'll discuss and marvel at the varied styles and designs of a corrugated box and how they originated. We'll decode the popular acronyms like RSC and HSC and talk about the different overlaps, folds, closures, and, of course, the experiences these boxes offer during unboxing.

Let's get started.

The Pioneer: Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Since the rather interesting accidental invention of corrugated boxes (discussed in the first part of this blog series), the first style popularized in the early 20th century by corrugated box manufacturers was the Regular Slotted Container (RSC).

Corrugated boxes had been in use for decades before the RSC style, but the standardized RSC design brought them a new level of efficiency and practicality. This design also laid the foundation for many other later box styles.

The RSC design features four flaps on the top and bottom. The outer flaps meet at the center of the box when folded, giving easy closure and sealing.

As a versatile and practical packaging solution, RSC boxes are easy to assemble and efficient. While they may not have many customization options, their robust design has stood the test. These boxes are a prevalent choice in the packaging industry, especially for shipping and storing a wide range of products.

The Simple-with-aTwist One: Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

Drawing from the simple but functional design of the RSC, the Half-Slotted Container gives better access. Unlike the RSC design, the HSC lacks flaps on one side, making loading and unloading quicker and easier. These boxes are excellent if you need to access your products frequently without fully opening the box.

The Strong and Protective One: Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

To cater to heavy or fragile items with extra strength and protection, the Full Overlap Slotted Container stepped in. This design has flaps that overlap entirely, giving an additional layer of cardboard on the top and bottom, offering better structural integrity and durability during shipping and handling.

The Highly Versatile One: Five-Panel Folder (FPF)

The Five-Panel Folder has one continuous piece of cardboard that wraps around the product. Customizable for different heights, this design is often used in packaging long and narrow items like posters or folded displays.

The Mysterious One: Telescopic Box

As its name suggests, the Telescopic Box is quite an astronomical marvel in packaging. Demanding a touch of mystery and reveal, this design comprises a lid and a bottom tray, telescoping over the product and giving it a stylish and secure enclosure. It's a go-to choice for high-end electronics, cosmetics, or luxury items deserving of theatrical packaging.

The Unique and Precise One: Die Cut Boxes

The epitome of precision packaging, die-cut boxes are crafted using a custom die, unlike standard boxes that are cut and folded from a template. This die can precisely cut the box into any specific shape you need. Whether you want to showcase your product with a window in your box, give a unique opening for easy access, or create an unconventional design that aligns with your brand aesthetics, die-cut boxes offer endless possibilities. They are most popular in retail packaging.

The Memorable and Convenient One: Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes, or folding cartons, are designed for convenience and branding. Their self-locking feature with a tuck-in or friction lock closure makes them easy to assemble without tape or glue. Customizable with brand logos and colors, these boxes are ideal for creating memorable unboxing experiences for eCommerce businesses.

Concluding Thoughts

Although corrugated boxes are primarily for packaging and shipping, there is much more to their use and value. The various styles developed over time to cater for different needs and functionalities shine a light on the artistry and innovation among corrugated box manufacturers and the packaging industry.

From the classic reliability of the RSC boxes to the mysterious allure of the Telescopic Box, each style of corrugated box serves a purpose and adds value with every fold and crease. Molding themselves to your requirements and unique needs, corrugated boxes range in their styles and functionalities. Moreover, they also offer a canvas to display your business model, branding, and industry trends/developments.

At SCI, we carry hundreds of styles and types of boxes. Whether it's the (standard) stock item box that we’ll carry in our inventory or a custom manufactured box to meet your unique business needs, we’re here for you! We’re a click(s), email, or call away to serve your needs at amazing prices.