SCI Voices

  • 9 Reasons to Use Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

    If you have been considering the right packaging option to invest in for your business, we’ve got answers. Whether you’re a retail, F&B, fashion and lifestyle, electronics, industrial goods, or a…

    May 21st 2024

  • How to Tape Boxes for Shipping - The Expert Way

    Among the worst that could happen in eCommerce is your products not reaching customers how they’re supposed to. Imagine shipping out personal care products only for the customers to find drenched…

    May 9th 2024

  • Pack with Bubble Wraps Like a Pro

    Let’s face it - among our best associations with bubble wraps is de-stressing and popping the bubbles one at a time. And interestingly, bubble wraps bring this de-stressing characteristic with them…

    May 1st 2024