Interested in Custom Poly Mailers? Here’s SCI’s Insight on Best Practices for Printing and More

Interested in Custom Poly Mailers?  Here’s SCI’s Insight on Best Practices for Printing and More

Even before someone unboxes your product, they're greeted with your branded packaging.

Whether it’s e-commerce or in-store, first impressions matter.

Custom printed poly mailers provide you with an opportunity to present and brand yourself to your customers or others that receive it. With their versatility, printed poly mailers are the perfect choice for your brand's recall value. A unique poly mailer design can set a positive tone for the unboxing experience.

What Are Poly Mailers?

Made from polyethylene, poly mailers are specialized envelopes commonly used in packaging and shipping goods in e-commerce. They are weather-resistant and are a cost-effective packaging solution.

Poly mailers are environmentally friendly.

Poly mailers can be manufactured using recycled content, which helps reduce the environmental impact of production by repurposing existing materials. Additionally, they can be made from compostable materials, offering an eco-friendly alternative that breaks down naturally and reduces waste in landfills. By choosing either recycled or compostable poly mailers, businesses can significantly enhance their sustainability efforts and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Importance Of Branding On Poly Mailers

Even with the most useful and feature-rich item inside a package, attractive product packaging makes a lasting impression on the receiver.

Consider the free publicity a well-received custom mailer brings with word-of-mouth marketing or a social share. Apart from displaying professionalism, branded poly mailers reinforce your company's identity.

Paying attention to this small detail fosters an optimistic impression on customers.

Printing Methods for Poly Mailers

When it comes to custom poly mailers, there are plenty of ways to set up your branding. You can choose from a variety of methods - depending on your resources and product demand.

Let's dive into each method and which should be best for your business needs.

1) Inkjet Printing: In inkjet printing, the poly mailers move through the printer, and individual ink nozzles spray tiny droplets of ink without smudging or fading. The process involves transforming digital images onto the poly mailer. Inkjet printing is excellent for a low number of poly mailers. It requires a small investment of an inkjet printer. It is useful when you don't have a fixed design or often want to change it.

  • The Pros: Best for quick and easy printing of small quantities
  • The Cons: You can't expect the highest quality of details on your poly mailers

2) Flexographic Printing: This method sets a flexible relief plate with a raised image on a rotating cylinder. The inked plate then transfers the image to the printing surface.

This method creates durable prints on poly mailers and is the fastest for simple, bold designs and single-color prints.

  • The Pros: A cost-effective solution for large-scale printing and high-volume orders
  • The Cons: Considering the plate-making and labor, flexographic is a costly option

3) Rotogravure Printing: Rotogravure follows a process similar to photoengraving and involves a rotary printing press where the desired image is engraved on cylinders.

This method is preferred by businesses looking to deliver fine details, vibrant colors, and a continuous tone.

  • The Pros: Recommended for large print runs. Your cost is lowered as you print higher volumes
  • The Cons:It is complicated and expensive to set up Rotogravure printing

4) Screen Printing: One of the older known ways of printing that still exists is screen printing. Although it takes a little effort to set up, the process of completing prints on poly mailers is a lengthy one.

It requires a stencil or screen to be built inside a frame with a mesh and ink or paint to be applied that pours through onto the printing surface below. It's a cheaper setup for bulk orders but is labor-intensive.

  • The Pros: Screens are reusable, so costs are reduced for repeat print jobs
  • The Cons:It is a time-consuming process and is not ideal for printing more than two colors

Poly Mailers have Traveled to Space!

Hydrogen-rich shielding such as polyethylene helps in preventing space radiation. They have application in Nasa’s space mission where they are regularly used in sleeping quarters and the galley

Polyethylene surpasses aluminum in:

  • 50% better shielding against solar flares
  • 15% enhancement against galactic cosmic radiation

Reference image to present the above information

Deciding which Print Method is Best for your Organization

There are multiple poly print methods available. Deciding which one is best and most suitable for your organization is paramount.

The following is a list of factors to consider as you and your team work through the decision-making process:

  • Order Volume and Frequency: Consider the number of poly mailers you need on average and if you need a new design regularly. Inkjet Printing is best if your business needs to print custom poly mailers for different seasons. Go for flexographic and Rotogravure printing if you want to print in bulk.
  • Budget: An essential factor in choosing a print method is the budget and resources available. If you plan to set up in-house printing, screen printing is cheaper, but as it takes longer to dry, there is a higher turnaround time. Rotogravure is ideal for complex designs and bulk orders but requires a heavier investment.
  • Sustainability Practices: Based on your organization's sustainability practices, you can choose the printing methods for environmentally friendly practices like water-based inks and lower energy consumption.
  • Brand Identity: Brands must be conscious of the aesthetics and quality of materials used in the printing to stay consistent in their brand image.

Concluding Thoughts

Poly mailers are more than just for packaging items. They can help your customers create a mental visual of your brand and make them recall your company.

We at SCI provide wholesale custom poly mailers that are a powerful tool for your brand's expression in the increasingly crowded eCommerce space; they can help you stand apart in the competition.

The best method for printing your poly mailers is one that aligns with your organization's mission and business requirements. As an extension of your brand, ensure the design elements or brand colors comply with your branding guidelines for a higher brand recall value.

Custom poly mailers remain a powerful tool for businesses looking to make a mark in their customers and prospects' minds.